Long Beach State wastes everyone’s time in Veterans Day class switch

Isn’t it embarrassing when you accidentally walk into the wrong class? Now imagine doing that for a whole day. Students and professors are going to have a frenzied Tuesday as they may mistakenly head to the wrong classes due to the new class switch next week. Long Beach State announced that this Veterans Day, students who have Monday classes will have them on Tuesday in the same time slots while Tuesday classes will be cancelled — cue an academic scheduling disaster. It’s sort of ridiculous that the school has only made a two announcements to the campus via email. There are still plenty of students who know absolutely nothing about this change. Everyone is either clueless or confused due to lack of campus awareness; I found out through a Daily 49er article and most found out through some of their teachers. They could do so much more for how much time and money students and faculty spend on this campus. It could have been mentioned more with flyers or other platforms. The sole responsibility of this annoying schedule switch now relies heavily on the student and professor which is unfair. At the end of the initial email it states, “I

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Online classes are detrimental to the learning process

Following another long week, it's Sunday evening and after going through a mental checklist of things to finish before the Monday morning sun rises over the horizon, you’re struck with the realization that you’ve forgotten something — your online class, yet again. This has happened to me more times than I care to count and is a symptom of online-class-induced laziness rather than a lack of time management. Online classes do not provide the interaction and stimulation necessary to make students feel fully involved or invested in a course. As a result, assignments, discussion boards and more drop lower and lower on the list of priorities of an already-busy student body, with a higher likelihood of being forgotten altogether. There are certainly advantages to online classes for students with extenuating circumstances and this is not intended to discredit students who take advantage of online classes to better themselves and further their education. However, for full-time students who are already on campus for a majority of their courses, online classes are a detriment. They detract from the key social aspect of taking classes at the university level, reduce student and faculty accountability in regards to the course and undermine the value

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Critics against the Presidential Alert System should focus on the benefits

“The only reason to vote for a democrat is if you're tired of winning!” Critics of the new Presidential Alert System fear that President Donald Trump will overuse the system, abuse this executive power and constantly send out unnecessary messages, much like he does on Twitter. With this system, the president now has the power to send a text message at any time to all Americans simultaneously.   Despite some recent backlash, the system makes sense in today’s society where mass communication is driven by social media and the internet. Seeing that there are specific protocols advising the president to only use the system in the case of an extreme national emergency, the system should be successful and effective. The new system is part of the Emergency Alert System, which was established in 1997 to give the president the ability to address the nation in a national emergency. As Americans became more reliant on smartphones, Wireless Emergency Alerts were created by the Bush Administration in 2008. Once it became operational in 2012, the WEA allowed messages such as Amber alerts and weather alerts to be sent directly to your phone.  However, these alerts were localized and often not paid attention

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