‘I had to be there’: A former Daily 49er writer flew down to Mexico City to help his community after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake

MEXICO CITY — When I arrived in Mexico City on Sept. 22 for a three-day trip, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. After being there countless times before, this beautiful place was unrecognizable. Imagine arriving to a metropolitan city like Los Angeles, and as soon as you walk out[Read More…]

Million Marijuana March turns out 25 in LA

Leimert Park of Los Angeles was host to the LA version of Million Marijuana March 2017 yesterday. Twenty-five people showed up at the event. The march is hosted by Women’s Alliance Los Angeles County and attended by individuals who are working to legalize cannabis for different purposes. The rally started[Read More…]

Out of the lab and into the streets

LOS ANGELES – Two biodiesel electric hummers led thousands of energized scientists and their supporters at the March for Science LA on Saturday in response to President Donald Trump’s environmental policies and proposed environmental budget cuts. LA, along with 600 other cities were part of a global effort to display[Read More…]