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Spring break: underrated leisure in So Cal’s locale, Long Beach and Los Angeles


When you’ve exhausted Netflix and are ready to retire the plaid pajamas, check out some staff picks for those planning to make the best of a So-Cal staycation. Grab your friends for a makeshift micro-road trip to these spots just 30 to 45 minutes out of California State, University Long Beach’s backyard.


Ariana Sawyer, Opinions Editor

Brazilian Bites Surf City

Fresh, tropical açaí straight from South America awaits the spring breaker at Brazilian Bites on Main Street in Huntington Beach. Besides being just a few blocks from one of Southern California’s most gorgeous beaches, Paulo Avila’s relatively new shop boasts savory Brazilian pastries to satiate your hunger for something new, drinks to quench the thirst you worked up from playing on the beach and a gorgeous local surfer customer base to satisfy another craving all together.

Brooke Becher, Diversions Editor

Huntington Beach Volleyball Courts

Every time I nail parallel parking on Palo Verde, it reminds me of abusing my alarm clock and racing the sun to the shore for some pick-up games at Huntington Beach’s volleyball courts. From beginners to pros, players on every level swarm the 20 or so nets on each side of the pier. Whether you’re a northerner or bring the smack down to the south side, bring your own leather, some sandals to map out court-corners and the scratched Sublime and 311 mix buried between car seats.

Madison D’Ornellas, Assistant News Editor

Nick’s Deli with a side of Javatinis

During spring break, the overwhelming craving for a decadent breakfast burrito complimented by insanely good coffee will become too much. This is when I head to

Nick’s Deli and Javatinis on the Seal Beach Pier. Located across the way from each other, Nick’s and Javatinis are my go-to breakfast destinations. Nick’s fills the belly with homemade, traditional Mexican breakfast and lunch favorites while Javatinis provides the head with invigorating fresh-ground coffee. If you swing by the Seal

Beach Pier this Spring Break and don’t see me attacking a chorizo-smothered breakfast burrito with latte in-hand, alert the media.

Michael Ares, Photo Editor

The Last Bookstore

With two floors filled with old books, music records and art pieces, The Last Bookstore is definitely one of the must go to places in Downtown Los Angeles. A mere half-hour away from CSULB’s campus, the store is a place that appeals to those who love a nice touch of vintage wherever they look. Located on the corner of Spring and Fifth St., it’s right in the heart of La La Land where more shops and unexplored nooks continue the adventure.

Greg Diaz, Multimedia Manager

Brewery tours

Beer is the nectar of the gods, making those that brew it the angels among us. Spend some of your time off getting to know craftsmen that bring us craft brews. With over 40 breweries just a stones throw away, take a peek behind the curtain and see what goes into what goes into you. Most breweries offer tours of their brew-mastery including Long Beach’s own Timeless Pints. They encourage you to taste everything on the menu in your journey for the perfect beer-mate. Feeling adventurous? LA Beer Hop or La Craft Beer Tours will shuttle you around homes of your favorite beers and be your better angels as you take a tour through the nation of intoxication.


Jesus Ambrosio, Radio Producer


If you feel like being on the move without having to worry about actually driving, then public transportation is a great way to discover new places. Once aboard, the possibilities are endless—especially after dark. Drunkards, lovers and sleepyheads alike inhabit the metro. Pay your fare, get off on random stations and wander around. You’ll be surprised at what you can discover like premier music venues such as the Regent Theater or El Rey Theatre, or DIY spots like the appropriately titled locale, The Smell. La Cita Bar in downtown Los Angeles has groovy vibes and a sick patio. Always remember how to get back to the station you got off on. Don’t wander too far. It doesn’t run all night!


Amy Patton, News Editor

Marina Vista Park

Nestled between the banks of Long Beach canals and upscale neighborhoods sits a quaint sun-dappled grass patch awaiting your ass. Where the outskirts of Marina Vista Park kiss the shoreline of Naples canals is the prime de la crème of picnic destinations in Long Beach. This grassy bramble is ideal for those who are city-bound for spring break. This little Eden hiding in the lurches of a concrete jungle feels like an oasis of leisure for those ready to unwind. Schlep off the bells and whistles, this destination will make Thoreau jealous.


Paige Pelonis, Editor in Chief

Second Street

If in the end, your adventurous plans fall through and you wind up kickin’ it in Long Beach for the week of no obligations … hit Second Street. This daytime hub for shopping and sipping makes for a great midday crawl. The Public House, a relatively new spot, will start you off with a flight of four beers ranging from a green tea brew to a thick, chocolate stout. From there, take a left or a right and continue strolling along – you’ll find the next stop in a matter of minutes. Second Street is not the typical college-student’s late-night stop; however, two night owls, Shannon and Joe, handle the bulk of any lingering crowd on a weekday after midnight. No matter what time of day, staying in Long Beach for the long-awaited break doesn’t have to mean you’ve settled. Grab a few beers, stop at Pandor Bakery for a mouth-watering treat and repeat … all day long.

Oscar Terrones, Sports Editor

El Dorado Regional Park

I didn’t know many people when I first arrived at California State University, Long Beach in fall of 2013, so I went out for a run one day. I found myself at El Dorado Regional Park on Studebaker Road. It was the perfect place to relax and take in the scenery during the day or enjoy the peacefulness at night.

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