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Soulection returns the love to its roots

Record label Soulection returned to its humble KBeach Radio origins at Cal State Long Beach.

Sponsored by Beach Pride, the Soulection Panel took place Tuesday and invited the record label members to not only share their experiences, but inspire the audience to pursue their own business ambitions through dedication and constant determination.

Soulection is an acclaimed Long Beach-based record label that holds an array of disc jockeys who collaborate with one another as well as create individually.

A panel consisting of co-founder Joe Kay, director of strategic communications Jacqueline Schneider and DJs LAKIM and Andres Uribe told a packed audience how the one-time university broadcasters blew up while recording for KBeach radio. The four speakers elaborated on the need for hard work when trying to pursue business goals.

“In order to have longevity, you have to start a real business,” Kay said, elaborating on his experience moving forward with his projects to reach a larger audience by quitting his job at ASI in order to pursue his shared vision.

The members of Soulection spoke for two hours at the panel and accepted questions from the audience throughout the event.

Soulection’s visit provided both a look into how a local name became a global company and offered advice for those who want to succeed in an impacted industry.

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