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Enter the “sixth dimension” at the Art Theater

For the upcoming 30th anniversary screening of the cult musical, “Forbidden Zone,” Richard Elfman and Long Beach’s Rocky Horror Midnight Insanity cast have joined forces to pull all the stops. Like many cult classics, “Forbidden Zone,” is not known for its plot, but rather for its quirky qualities and funky[Read More…]

Jack Hanna brings the wild to CSULB

Zoologist and television personality Jack Hanna, has worked with exotic creatures across the globe. Whether he is spending an hour with the endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda or nursing orphaned baby elephants back to health, Hanna has seen it all. This is why hundreds of families piled into the Carpenter[Read More…]

University Players talent sings in ‘Late: A Cowboy Song’

A woman struggles with uncertainties about life and love in the last University Players production of the year, “Late: A Cowboy Song.” This contemporary play, which opened last weekend, was written by Sarah Ruhl and directed by guest director Margarett Perry. The central character in the three-member cast is Mary[Read More…]

‘Cabin in the Woods’ not typical horror film

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s “The Cabin in the Woods” contains every cliché and overused trope in the entire horror genre. It is also the most wildly entertaining, surprising and unique horror movie released in years.Those two sentences may seem to contradict themselves, but that’s the point. Whedon and Goddard[Read More…]

¡DUENDE! to slam poetry Saturday

A grand slam competition will be held by the Long Beach spoken word club, ¡DUENDE!, this Saturday in order to form a team for the 2012 Brave New Voices Youth Poetry competition. The community-based group breaks the norms of a silencing society by letting young members from the ages of[Read More…]

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