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A toast to life and rock ‘n’ roll

Forget about playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero on a Friday night. Instead, go out and experience first hand the true meaning of rock ‘n’ roll. Smell the beer, indulge in the sound, taste the passion, get out of your house. Feel the beat of the show make way from[Read More…]

Something old, something new

For better or worse, there is a sense of change in Weezer’s 2008 third self-titled album, “Weezer.” It’s still produced by Rick Rubin and features the same members from the previous album.      Front-man and guitarist Rivers Cuomo shockingly relents and allows rhythm guitarist Brian Bell, bassist Scott Shriner and[Read More…]

Spectacular hard rock from the loony enemy

The Enemy UK is another awesome disco punk band from England, and they might be one of the most promising bands to date. In their album “We’ll Live and Die In These Towns,” The Enemy UK has the political edge of the punk band Bloc Party, but with string ensembles,[Read More…]

VH1 thinks you ought to know and so do I

New to some U.S. listeners, London artist Adele brings a hypnotizing soul, pop and acoustic CD, called “19”, to our ears.  Released with Sony BMG,”19″ is getting attention by all the right people. You might have heard her single Hometown Glory on Grey’s Anatomy or have seen her on VH1’s[Read More…]

Here and then

The Huntington Library in San Marino launched its showcase of This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs. The showcase which runs until Sept. 15 presents photos of the city of Los Angeles spanning 150 years from an 1877 picture of Santa Monica taken by Carleton Watkins, to[Read More…]

Myth becomes reality at Getty Villa

With spectacular views of the city of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean coastline, and an extensive collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiques, a visit to the Getty Villa is a unique and refreshing experience.  The drive along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the Getty Villa is only the[Read More…]

Cult of Todd Sue finally releases much anticipated album

Rock and country, punk and folk. These are some of the contrasting musical styles that come to mind while listening to “Kelsey Grammer Loves Us,” the first full-length album from the San Francisco-based Cult of Sue Todd. Many bands can easily be pigeonholed into a pre-destined genre, but not Cult[Read More…]

University Art Museum displays two new exhibits

The two new exhibits at the University Art Museum (UAM) at Cal State Long Beach are bound to fascinate and intrigue visitors who are willing to take an hour out of their busy day to investigate this free campus attraction. The first exhibit, Fantasy Islands: Landscaping Long Beach’s Oil Platforms,[Read More…]

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