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F. King Alexander discusses plans for his reign

New Cal State Long Beach President F. King Alexander has been listening and learning a lot in his first six months. In his next six months he is planning on doing more. Improving the community atmosphere on campus, doubling the amount of people living on campus, building a new recreation[Read More…]

Organic foods crop up on campus

Shortly after spring break 2006, organic foods were introduced in the 49er Shops around campus, offering students new meal and snack choices. Sites that offering the new foods include the Outpost, the University Bookstore, the Beach Hut and the food plaza on upper campus, according to Patti Gray, the director[Read More…]

ASI President gets her man

A few months ago, Mekonnen Garedew and ASI President Shefali Mistry were just casual friends. Today, Garedew is Mistry’s new chief-of-staff. In a laid-back Associated Students Inc. senate meeting, which featured more laughing than debate, the senate unanimously approved Mistry’s nomination, Garedew, to be the chief-of-staff to the president. The[Read More…]

New Beach students SOAR through

By the beginning of the fall semester, nearly 8,000 incoming students will have passed through Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR). About 250 of these students attended Saturday’s day-long program. SOAR is a program within Student Transition and Retention Services (STARS). The program is designed to acquaint incoming freshmen and[Read More…]

Answers for L.B. bird deaths still up in the air

It is a site of complete horror for anyone who has witnessed the recent deaths of hundreds of baby terns washing up on Long Beach’s shores, some only days old. Why is this suddenly happening? Investigations are being held by several authorities, including the California Department of Fish and Game[Read More…]

CSULB chosen for site of SoCal news council

Cal State Long Beach has been named the temporary home base for the Southern California News Council with Journalism Department Chairman William Babcock named the council’s first executive director. The news council, which will cover media outlets from Santa Barbara to the southern U.S. border, will investigate issues of accuracy,[Read More…]

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