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Animated feature film ‘Sow Don’t Sing’ is receiving recognition before its release

Alysha Nunez, a third year animation major, is tackling a familiar subject with her animated feature film “Sow Don’t Sing.”

Nunez’s “Sow Don’t Sing” tells the story of an 18 year old who joins the military to find belonging, but instead finds his place from an unexpected source.

Taking a familiar approach to her film’s animation, Nunez is utilizing her complex storytelling skills to express her thoughts and feelings on subjects such as masculinity, veterans and PTSD.

Nunez won the International Animated Film Association scholarship for her script of “Sow Don’t Sing,” one of the most competitive animation scholarships in the nation.

Production is still being finished on “Sow Don’t Sing” and is expected to be finished before Nunez graduates.

Video by Abel Reyes.

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