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Artist Banter S4E2: “Love’s Weird”: Ceci Apitz and Gavin Arvello’s shared love through art

This special Valentine’s Day-themed episode of Artist Banter features host Julia Goldman and CSULB industrial design students and couple, Ceci Aptiz and Gavin Arvello. Within industrial design, Apitz primarily focuses on 3D art and sculpting, whereas Arvello focuses on sketching and physical art.

As the two engage in special Valentine’s Day-themed activities, they tell the story of their artistic journeys, how they met at a school speed-friending event and how they bond over their shared passion.

To check out Apitz and Arvello’s work and future projects, follow them on Instagram. Aptiz’s Instagram handle is @apitzdesign and Arvello’s Instagram handle is @cocoarts_arte.

Host: Julia Goldman
Guest: Ceci Apitz, Gavin Arvello
Editor: Julia Goldman
Producers: El Nicklin, Aidan Swanepoel
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