ASI program guides freshmen to government positions

Some current leaders of Associated Students Inc., including ASI President James Ahumada, spent their freshmen years dedicated to Beach Team, an introductory program that trains freshmen on becoming leaders and taking an active part in student life.

“In ASI, you are not allowed to hold a position until a semester in, so this program is more [for] students who are interested in ASI, but don’t know exactly what they want to run for,” assistant to government recruitment Amanda Bogle said.

Beach Team’s main project is organizing “49er for a Day,” an event that invites high school juniors and seniors from Long Beach high schools to campus in an effort to learn about leadership opportunities. The event includes guest speakers as well as a campus tour.

“49er for a Day” is scheduled to begin in February. According to Bogle, Beach Team has brought five high schools to campus before.

The program has 30 regular members and 50 total, where ASI caps the program. Most recruitment for the program took place at Student Orientation Advising and Registration, or SOAR.

After using Beach Team, freshman Alexis Rockwell learned that a government job wasn’t for her.

“I’ve actually decided that I want to work with KBeach, instead of running for a government position,” she said. “That is the great thing Beach Team does, they teach you other programs that ASI funds.”

Beach Team includes a mentoring program that allows students to learn from someone within the branch of ASI that they would like to work.

CSULB student Taylor Swaim said that after meeting with her mentor she would like to be a commissioner and plan events.

Many students that are part of Beach Team have ended up in student government, according to Bogle. However, this year, she and the director of government recruitment, Amanda Thyden, have been trying to involve freshmen in other events.

“We have been trying to go to some of the sporting games, just to get the freshman and other Beach Team members involved in activities that are not just ASI,” Thyden said.

Beach Team’s next event is the Gobble Gala, a Thanksgiving dinner for ASI, on Nov. 18.


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