KBEACH general manager on leave

The general manager of KBEACH radio was placed on administrative leave on March 29, leaving the station in a scramble to regroup.

John Trapper, who has been the general manager of KBEACH at Cal State Long Beach for 12 years, said there had been an ongoing dispute between himself and the management of Associated Students Inc. Trapper would not give details on the nature of the dispute.

According to Trapper, his desk had been cleared and his email was shut off less than 30 minutes after meeting with the human resources director and attorney for ASI. Trapper said he was in shock by their decision.

“They gave me no reason,” Trapper said. “I went into the meeting thinking it was going to be a happy resolution to the dispute, and they asked me to sign my resignation.”

Trapper said he is not considering the deal offered for his resignation.

“I’m ready to come back to work tomorrow, and I’m hoping that’s the conclusion,” he said. 

Trapper said the administrative leave was ill-timed, as KBEACH is currently preparing to broadcast on the FM HD signal in three weeks. The responsibility of the station now rests on the shoulders of the six student managers.

Student manager Dominic Paramo, a creative writing senior, said the sudden absence of Trapper is making a smooth transition difficult.

“It’s been a little more hectic,” Paramo said. “As of right now we don’t really have a head manager.”

Although the abrupt nature of Trapper’s departure has left a bit of uncertainty with student management, Paramo said that they are adapting.

“We’re going to keep doing business as usual,” Paramo said. “We’re still going to go through with the HD signal.”

According to Paramo, student managers of KBEACH met with ASI on Friday to plan for the future. Paramo said that the new general manager of KBEACH would most likely be a student, as ASI is looking to make the shift to become a more student-run station.  

ASI Associate Executive Director Dave Edwards, Vice President for Student Services Doug Robinson and ASI Communications Coordinator Christina Esparza declined to comment on personnel issues. 

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    Former Union Guy

    Mr. Trapper was not the GM for 12 Years. He was Advisor for Student Media for most of his time at CSULB. He was switched to GM against his will, which is part of his dispute, under the pretense that it was to oversee the FCC compliance for the new FM Station. He proposed just last month that the station be returned to the students next year. This can be confirmed by Jaime Varela who chairs the Media Board or by listening to the meeting which is recorded.

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