CSULB continues efforts to go green, ASI hosts green technology fair

In an effort to minimize its ecological footprint, Cal State Long Beach has made it a priority to “go green” and evolve into an environmentally sustainable campus.

“CSULB remains focused and determined to implement changes to make the campus more sustainable,” CSULB Energy and Sustainability Manager Paul Wingco said via email.

According to the 2010 greenhouse gas inventory report, CSULB’s emissions of greenhouse gases for the year were 29,516 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, most of which came from the electricity used to power the campus. On June 24, 2010, President F. King Alexander approved a resolution to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable transportation options and adopt environmentally responsible purchasing methods.

“Beginning with the development of its first-ever climate action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the campus community will be asked to support and make changes … that promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability,” Wingco said.

According to the 2012 CSULB sustainability agenda, electric vehicle chargers have been installed in Parking Structure 1. Water bottle filling station and bike repair stations have been installed across campus and solar panels currently power three buildings, including Brotman Hall.

Drought tolerant plants and drip irrigation systems also cover several landscape areas to reduce water consumption, and future plans listed on the agenda include the installation of LED lights on East Campus Drive.

Associated Students Inc. is also pushing the environmental movement at CSULB, as Senator-at-Large Manuel Nieto said ASI will expand the water bottle filling to include two hydration stations at each of the Liberal Arts buildings.

Nieto said ASI will also replace 20 trees on campus with 40 new ones. There are also plans to improve the recycling center by possibly constructing a building for it rather than provide a trailer.

“We’re moving towards a different culture,” Nieto said. “[ASI] is trying to go with the times to be a little more green and eco-friendly.”

ASI will also host the Green Technology Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday in the University Student Union north lawn and ballrooms. ASI commissioner of conservation Alben Phung said the expo will showcase environmental technology projects in wind, solar, kinetic and zero-waste technology. He said the exhibitors will each have a chance to present their projects on stage, and there will be a raffle for expo attendees.

“Students should attend this expo because they will get a glimpse of new technologies that can be used to solve environmental problems,” Phung said. “We want [them] to explore different alternatives and opportunities in solving these problems.”

Phung said although it would be good to see some of the technologies presented at the expo implemented on campus, the main goal of this event is to expose students to green technology that they are not familiar with, so that they may choose to use it in their daily lives.

“Technology is a neutral tool, and the potential for impact is in the hands of the user,” Phung said. “We hope that students will be inspired by the innovative technologies and design so that they will incorporate some more creativity in their lives.”

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