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Two bike thieves apprehended at Beachside

Two suspects were arrested Sunday night by University Police Department for attempting to steal two bikes at the Beachside College Dorms.

According to Richard Goodwin of the UPD, the theft occurred around 1:50 a.m. at the rear of the Beachside property. Monica Porter, 39, and Kevin Lusk, 47, both of Long Beach, were detained on the scene for removing the locks from the bikes.

The two bikes: a silver and red Schwinn Connection and a black and silver Infinity Boss Three are currently in possession of UPD. UPD is reaching out to find the owners of the bikes.

UPD officials recommend that all students register their bikes at the campus police station and to use “heavier” U-locks to secure them.

If anyone has information contact Detective Chris Brown at 562-280-5607.

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