Letter to the editor-Daily Forty-Niner ‘thanks’ article elicits gratitude

I normally do not respond to articles written in publications, but I was moved by the [online Daily Forty-Niner] article titled, “Our View-Native Americans deserve thanks that some survived,” posted on Thursday, Nov. 20.

I have been on campus for 16 years, first as a student and now as a staff member, and can count on only one hand the number of positive and educational articles written by the Daily Forty-Niner about American Indians.

As an adviser to our American Indian students on campus, and a mother to a young American Indian daughter, I am so excited to see someone — other than the American Indian Studies Program — discuss the Thanksgiving issue.

Your article touched the basic points of why American Indians do not “celebrate” Thanksgiving or Columbus Day. I am happy beyond words at the level of truth you write about.

I hope this brief note will encourage you and your staff to continue your journalistic work in highlighting issues that people do not want to talk about. Without writers like yourself, this world would be a dark and ignorant place.

– Anna H. Nazarian-Peters
Coordinator of Student Life & Development and American Indian Student Services

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