Lahren in the bed she made

I never thought I’d actually be excited to talk about Tomi Lahren. I really, really didn’t. But here I am and here you are, because little miss Lahren’s last few days have been too much to not discuss.

We know her, love her or hate her as the 24-year-old blonde “liberal agitator” host of her namesake commentary show on right-wing medium The Blaze – or, at least, we did until Monday afternoon.

That’s when news that Lahren had shockingly identified herself as pro-choice on a segment of The View that aired Friday morning gave way to her formal suspension from The Blaze.

And that’s when the hypocrisy hit.

Lahren, her supporters, and head of The Blaze Glenn Beck himself, all share an ideology that strongly attacks the idea of safe spaces and that each American has to operate under the same set of beliefs and opinions. All have wildly criticized liberal “snowflakes” for having thin skin, not being able to face anybody with a different moral compass without panicking and running for cover. They think that these snowflakes only want one narrative pushed forth and will deny (read: shut down) anything that exists outside of that.

Let me rephrase: Lahren and her fans think people get offended too easily over the opinions of others when they come in conflict with their own and shutting down people who hold those opinions is the problem with our country.

It’s not about promoting free speech and open dialogue about opinions – it’s about making sure there’s only one opinion, the conservative opinion, regarded with any respect.

And as soon as Lahren pierced a hole in her conservative veil, that entire moral compass shifted south for the winter.

Does nobody see what’s happening here?

Lahren is now the target of an ideology that never actually served to protect her.  She’s getting a taste of her own medicine on the big screen.

Yes, it sucks that she compared the gun rights with reproductive rights, said she stands for both and was pulled from the air. Nobody is going to argue that. It sucks and there’s a part of me that will always want to protect women from repercussions when voicing their opinions, but Tomi does not need me to protect her.

She’s going to be fine.

Lahren is a conventionally beautiful, college-educated, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, slim white woman who has already become the princess of non-left millennials (even though she says she hates labels.)  

She’s now queen of the castle – she has her conservative cronies so fearful of being compared to the whiny snowflakes they berate that they’re coming out in her support, even when they don’t agree themselves. They’re accepting her. They’re normalizing, to a certain extent, a relatively progressive idea in conservative spheres.  

On the other hand, hoards of feminists and liberals are springing to action, defending her agency as a woman to voice her pro-choice beliefs, regardless of her conservative reputation.

Yes, I am horrified that her career is at risk because of this, but it’s so hard to have sympathy for someone who has peddled ideas that affect far more people in far more tangible ways.

She’s gonna be fine while a lot of other women won’t be.

I don’t know if I believe everything she spews but I legitimately believe her on this front. She had no reason to open herself up to this conversation and spark this debate right now.

It’s not like she needs more media attention. I really don’t think she’s clamoring to win over the liberals, seeing as how often she berates her favorite ‘flakies. I think this was a genuine proclamation that came naturally in the course of a conversation, not a stunt or larger part of a campaign.

Tomi Lahren is a complex woman, whether you want to give her that much credit or not. And I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of people watching this happen, thinking to themselves that they’re not the only one with their views scattered across the political spectrum.

But a lot of them don’t have the protection Lahren does to voice those opinions, to fight for the change they’re trying to see and the protections they’re trying to keep.

Let’s hear their thoughts. Lahren will find another place for hers soon enough.


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    Oh, and you mocking someone at being turned on if someone doesn’t toe the line is a hoot. You big “female warriors” who claim to be for women sure seem to trash and say some of the most vile stuff about conservative women.

    You do the same to minorities who don’t submit to your ideology as well.

    Take a long look at the headlines on your page and try and say with a straight face that you’re not a biased and delusional hack. I mean, you okayed the “milk is racist and a sign of white supremacy” article. No self-respecting editor would ever allow that to be published but hey, if you can’t bash whites, bash men, bash conservatives, bash America then you wouldn’t have much to print.

    Again, you’re the worst and we know you want allow this post to be approved but it’s funny to hear you act like you’re “totally” for opposing views. I’ve been in classes with you. You cannot handle someone disagreeing with you.

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    Micayla, you are a leftist lunatic. You always have been and your paper is nothing but delusional trash.

    Not once have you possessed the self awareness to see your constant hypocrisy. Not once does your paper ever provide a voice to someone who can counter this nonsense you constantly publish. You are a giant bubble of nut job SJWs who refuse to ever showcase anything that is critical of Democrats or your stances or how incorrect you seem to always be.

    The only thing your paper can be relied upon to do is serve to feed your giant ego that you have and to post an abundance of anti-white, anti-conservative trash.

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