The 2020 election candidates bring diversity to table

The presidential election of 2020 is set to showcase a multitude of diverse candidates, opening the race up to a new sense of progressiveness that has never been seen before.

The emergence of diversity hints at a wave of change for the White House that may be much needed, especially following a president who is infamously known for being unsupportive of racial diversity.

Five women, two African Americans, one LGBTQ member, one independent party, one Asian American and others stemming from diverse backgrounds have announced plans to compete. The final bid was submitted by Peter Buttigieg on April 14.

The unusual composition of next year’s lineup has the potential to give President Trump, who is also in the running for re-election, a tough run for his throne.

This reality is even more tangibile due to the fact that nearly every candidate has prior political experience and served their community in some way. Previous experience and knowledge is something many Americans find comforting in candidates, unlike our current president.

These attributes help ensure that the future president will understand the political hardships and expectations of occupying a position of authoritative power. An arsenal of experience, be it small or large, also alludes at a better understanding of public policy and how things should function within the government, which is unlike our current president’s disregard for the rules.

Those looking to run against President Trump include Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Miriam Williamson, Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar, who are all women claiming a spot in the 2020 presidential election. This is the largest amount of women in the running ever. A poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal Survey said 85 percent of Americans said they were enthusiastic about or comfortable with a female candidate.

A woman in the White House would also be something I would be comfortable with as a fellow woman. Not only do I approve, but I would be a landmark for women, who only received the right to vote in 1920. Nearly 100 years later, and the reality of a woman president may actually happen.

While diversity is important, it is also essential that voters do their research on the backgrounds of the contenders in order to make a more educated decision. For example, Harris is the first with Jamaican and Indian ancestry to run for the presidential bid.

However, there are claims Harris violated the constitution for multiple drug defendants, leading to their cases being dismissed. This is why it is essential that anyone intending to visit the polls next year does some background research on the candidates to make a difference and cast an educated vote.

Despite there being a record amount of women running, there are also multiple candidates with diverse backgrounds, a welcome change to those who are exhausted of having to choose between two white, heterosexual men.

Corey Brooker is a Black candidate who is running, following Barack Obama who was elected as the first Black president in 2008.

Sexuality has also become a point of consideration for United States citizens as Buttigieg is the first openly gay politician in the presidential running.

While the topic of LGBTQ rights is still a controversial subject, Buttigieg has received voter support. Based on a poll from the NBC-Wall Street Journal 70% of people are accepting of the openly gay candidate.

Having an openly gay president is something the U.S. has never experienced but it’s something I would support, given that the candidate performs adequately.

While there is more diversity present that before, there are still Caucasian Americans in the running, such as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Although this positions of power have historically lied in the hands of affluent white males, those capable of voting must realize that the U.S. is a very diverse nation. Therefore, any presidential figure should represent this regardless of their ethical, cultural or sexual background.

The 2020 election will be an interesting race to follow as we watch it all unfold. Change and diversity could be good for the American people, the public just needs be open to it.

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