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Trump’s latest tweetstorm shows his political desperation

Trump’s presidency is eroding. While his Twitter presence has always been erratic, his past efforts don’t hold a candle to the insanity of his recent outbursts. This can only mean one thing: he sees impeachment as a very real possibility.

Covfefe” and calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” have been replaced by implying a civil war if he loses the election and requesting the death penalty for the whistleblower in the Ukraine phonecall.

Every hour brings a new wrinkle as the recklessness of the commander in chief accelerates exponentially. It feels like we are at a breaking point.

These are the actions of a desperate man. Threatening someone with death because they say they have dirt on you is a fascist action, especially when whistleblowers are protected by law from such attacks. 

To brazenly flaunt the law simply to protect oneself is below the office of the president.

His responses have done little to actually improve anything for him, the possible detriment far outweighs any benefit. Threatening civil war will do little to improve his prospects in an impeachment hearing if anything it will hasten it.

There is discussion that the intimidation of the whistleblower might itself be an impeachable offense. Trump is already under such strong suspicion of wrongdoing, why tempt fate by committing a separate action that is also morally dubious and possibly illegal?

There is a Nixon-esque paranoia to his every action, and recent attempts at bolstering his public image, such as retweeting a poll from Breitbart, a notably conservative website, is pathetic.

It would be like polling Trump’s cabinet for his approval ratings, totally meaningless, thus failing to meet even the most basic standards of any sort of objective poll.

This is, after all, a site that once ran a story headlined “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” and another titled “Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer.” 

So, it is no surprise that its readers had a pro-Trump bias.

Additionally, Rudy Giuliani’s outburst when confronted about impeachment shows the desperation extends far beyond Trump.

The second half of Trump’s term has been like watching a cornered animal. He is lashing out with reckless abandon, there is no rhyme or reason to what he does, only pathetic desperation.

The coming impeachment inquiry will ultimately decide, but if Trump’s actions are any indication, there is a very real possibility of a successful impeachment.

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