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A Thanksgiving win for Long Beach State

By: Matthew Dickson

The Long Beach State women’s team had some adversity as they traveled to Charlottesville, Vagina to play Richmond Spiders in the Cavalier Classic.

The Beach goes to the east coast to play a couple of games and Head Coach Jeff Cammon thought the team reacted well to this cross country trip.

“They handled it very well, it is preparation for when we get to conference and hopefully when we get to the NCAA tournament,” Cammon said, talking about his girls handling traveling cross country. “It was a learning experience for us, there were growing pains but all in all I thought they were able to respond to it and get their bearings in the second half.”

The girls had to handle some adversity early with the game being close and having early turnovers but the things that they did before the game is what helped them today against Richmond.

“Pushing through adversity within the game you have to prepare yourself before you get to the game,” Cammon spoke on overcoming adversity early. “We try to prepare them for what they’re going to see and what they’re going to face.”

Cammon credits the team’s preparedness and the girls experience for overcoming the slow start. Through the slow start The Beach had three turnovers in the first quarter which led to a close game early on. As the game went on and the game was unfolding the girls end the game with a 23 to 8 turnover advantage.

Featured is LBSU Guard Jasmine Hardy driving the ball in against a defender.
Featured is LBSU Guard Jasmine Hardy driving the ball in against a defender. Photo credit: John Fajardo/ LBSU athletics

“Our biggest strength is turning people over defensively, we are averaging 22 plus turnovers a game,” Cammon said, talking about the girls’ dominance in the turnover battle. “We do want to dictate and take people out of what they want to do.”

While The Beach struggled early on, Cammon was not surprised to see the defensive performance by The Beach.

“Being able to take care of the ball tonight and being able to gain extra possessions are stats and a category that we want to control every night.” Cammon said.

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