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A less than convenient fee

Of all the unnecessary charges I’ve incurred during my time at Cal State Long Beach, none have compared to one I paid last semester during the application process for graduation. It was then that my heart sank, as I realized the university imposes a mandatory fee of $45 just to[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: Academic Senate and Commencement

Dear Daily 49er Editorial Board, Thank you for your excellent coverage of the ongoing controversy regarding the changes to  our CSULB commencement ceremonies. As chair of the Academic Senate, I am writing to let you know something you probably already realize: As you felt “a lack of communication between the[Read More…]

BeachBoard’s new look is a success

Ever since the new BeachBoard design came out, I’ve been keeping a shameful secret around the newsroom: I love the update. I like the brighter colors, the modern bubbly shapes of the classes and I love, and I do mean love, that little bell in the top right corner. I[Read More…]

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