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Christian speakers come to LBSU

Students gathered at the Central Quad Monday as evangelists shouted phrases such as “Christians who lie, cheat and steal are not the real thing” and “You’ll go to hell like Hillary Clinton.” George Edward “Jed” Smock, Jr., better known as Brother Jed, and other preachers arrived at Long Beach State[Read More…]

‘Good News’ gone bad

Every semester when campus life reaches the height of chaos, students are greeted by the comforting sound of a lunatic screaming, “You are all going to burn in Hell!” into a bullhorn. This call to repentance comes via traveling street preachers. They arrive on campus a couple times a year[Read More…]

Holier than Thou?

Dear Religious Leaders who Shout at Students; You’re the reason no one wants to be religious. This is coming from a girl who has had the rosary memorized since she was five. You come here with your picket signs and your hateful speech, for what? You march your way across[Read More…]

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