Chili Peppers, Thrice, Milo Greene Highlight Record Store Day at Long Beach’s Fingerprints Music

Owner Rand Foster on the shows that made the latest Record Store Day at his store an all-day event for music nerds.

A psychedelic look into mental illness

The colorful ,60s inspired ceramics capture people’s attention while the powerful message captures people’s minds in this week's student art galleries. Senior bachelor of fine arts student Corrie Wille produces art inspired by her struggle with depression.

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In Photos: Student art gallery week of April 7

Art students at Long Beach State are able to showcase their works at the student art galleries on upper campus. The students featured this week are Ruth Holladay, Jesse Parrott, Corrie Wille, Kelly Campanella and Amy Williams. The exhibits will be showcased from April 7 to 11.

Busy students rejoice for drought tolerant plants

As this busy semester comes to an end, students are in need of a calming distraction. A temporary escape can be found by taking care of plants. Grocery stores, farmer’s markets and hardware stores are stocked full of interesting plants that most students stray away from because they don’t think they have the time or resources to keep them alive. Fortunately, there are options for students to have plants without the fear of killing them during the busy months of the semester. Drought tolerant plants are commonly seen littered all throughout Southern California in restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, parking lots and even the Long Beach State campus. “You have to remember to let the light in, you have to remember you have one, so if anything it takes you out of your head for a second,” said Brita Lemmon, owner of Brita’s Old Town Gardens in Seal Beach. “Having that thing you have to look in on and take care of a teeny bit can help you shift focus from all the angst of school.” Drought tolerant plants are the go-to for busy students who think they don’t have the time or who frequently forget to water

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