LBSU limits Prospector Pete merch after retirement announcement

Students will soon be seeing a lot less of Prospector Pete in the 49er Shops Bookstore after President Jane Close Conoley announced that the 51-year-old statue is officially retired, Sept. 20. According to Kierstin Stickney, director of marketing and communications at 49er Shops, the merchandise for the mascot has never been one of the university’s biggest sellers. Stickney said she has not seen any change in sales for Prospector Pete merchandise after the announcement that he was officially ousted. She noted that a sweatshirt with the mascot was on clearance for its poor sales rather than the retirement. “Our intention for the future is to continue to carry a limited amount of Pete merchandise, along with brown and gold items, for our customers looking for nostalgic Long Beach gear,” Stickney said in an email. In Conoley’s email blast, she cited the desire to move away from the California Gold Rush era as a reason for the mascot’s retirement. The statue will be moved to an alumni center, which is still in development. Susie Jones, a fourth year communication studies major and American Indian Cultures minor, facilitated a discussion about the controversy surrounding Prospector Pete in her Social Movements and Protest

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CSULB preps Spring 2018 graduates

Most students have turned procrastination into an art — preparing for the upcoming 2018 commencement ceremony is no exception. Fortunately, Grad Fair has got graduating seniors covered. Seniors at Cal State Long Beach swarmed the University Bookstore on Tuesday at the Graduation Information Fair to purchase caps, gowns and other necessities for walking the commencement stage. The Grad Fair will be held from March 13 to March 15 10 a.m. to 7 p.m each day. To avoid being unprepared, students are advised to come to the fair. “We get a lot of students coming in with tears,” Kierstin Stickney, director of marketing for the 49er Shops spoke about students who purchase their gowns late. “We encourage people to come early so they don’t get the wrong size [gown] and are prepared for graduation.” Stickney advised students to arrive at the bookstore before noon or after 5 p.m. to avoid the crowd. The bookstore will be answering questions for students in need of class rings, diploma frames, graduation announcements, educationally discounted computer hardware and software and senior portraits. “I wasn’t planning on walking, but my parents forced me to do it,” said Nikki Lowe, a senior majoring in sociology. “But now

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CSULB takes on the Real Food Challenge

In an effort to promote a more sustainable style of food, Cal State Long Beach is currently in the process of achieving a new food policy to increase spending on locally grown, ecologically friendly produce. After California’s struggle to combat record droughts and wildfires in 2014, the California State University Board of Trustees approved the Sustainable Practices Policy, granting more than $100 million to the 23 campuses. Consisting of over seven restaurants and three residential dining halls, the 49er Shops has been in charge of attaining the university’s sustainable food goal. “The outcome is to provide a really diverse offering of food for our students that they can also be assured that they’re sustainable and that we’re supporting the local community,” said Kierstin Stickley, director of marketing and communications. Partnering with the Real Food Challenge, a national student group aimed at providing campuses with humane food, the university plans to meet the food guidelines within the Sustainable Practices Policy. The plan will focus on nine practices aimed at decreasing the use of resources including green building, clean energy, transportation, climate protection, sustainable operations, waste reduction and recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, sustainable foodservice and sustainable water systems. Through Real Food Challenge,

New alcohol policy permits students to buy beer and wine at sporting events

When women’s volleyball hosts UC Davis Oct. 27, students will be able to enjoy a beer or glass of wine while watching the game in the Walter Pyramid. It’s been 12 years since Cal State Long Beach has sold beer and wine inside the Walter Pyramid during athletic events. Executive Order 1109 allows the sale and service of alcoholic beverages and advertising of alcoholic beverages on campus and at athletic facilities. This order supersedes order 996, which prevented the sale of alcoholic beverages at the pyramid for sporting events. Regulation X of the new policy is an updated alcohol guideline on campus that allows the distribution of beer and wine at athletic events. The price and brand of alcoholic beverages has not yet been announced by 49er Shops. “I think they should do it, most large universities offer beer and wine at their sporting events,” Bryce Marshall said, business administration major at CSULB. “It’s a good source of revenue, and will attract a larger student body to the events.” CSULB President Jane Close Conoley told the Daily 49er last week that before this policy update, alcohol at university sponsored events was prohibited. The new policy also allows students to drink

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CSULB will launch its new website

HOMEPAGE: California State University, Long Beach clicks refresh. Phase one of the new CSULB website will roll out on Tuesday between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., Andy Hoang, the associate vice president of CSULB marketing and communications said. Hoang is the head of the redesign project group of approximately 30. “Come Wednesday morning, it should be smooth and fully functional…” Hoang said. The CSULB website hosts over 30,000 pages, Hoang stated in an informational packet. Phase one of the project will release the redesign of four pages: the university homepage, the CSULB Shark Lab, the University Art Museum and the 49er shops page. The homepage will auto-play videos about various people and aspects of the campus and features a simple dropdown menu of basic resources, including MyCSULB, BeachBoard and enrollment services. The university homepage will also introduce three new tabs: “Declare your…” “Discover” and “Explore.” The Declare your… tab is designed for prospective students and community and alumni to “declare” their involvement with the campus. Newly labeled as the Discover tab, the redesigned News at the Beach aims to tell the campus’ “stories through rich and vibrant imagery,” Hoang said in an informational packet. The Explore tab aims to highlight