Film photography is not dead

This is the digital age we live in, where being a photographer can be incredibly easy if you have a smartphone and a curious eye. As digital photography gains popularity, it begs the question: does film photography fit into this world, and if so, where?

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Ready or Not, here comes Valentine’s Day!

  Attention everyone, prepare your eyes to be overwhelmed with Instagram posts of couples “in love” and floral arrangements; it’s Valentine’s Day. As everyone around you prepares a special gift for their significant other, you might be thinking, what’s the point of Valentine’s Day anyway? Well trust me, you are not alone.   While most consumers use this day to determine whether or not they hit the love lottery, most will be surprised to learn that Valentine’s Day actually comes from a violent third century ritual. According to an NPR article, in ancient Roman times, this day of love was celebrated over the course of three days in February. During this time, the Romans celebrated the Lupercalia festival, which was designed to cleanse the city of evil spirits. Men would sacrifice dogs and goats while women would wait in line to be whipped with their hides, hoping this would make them fertile.  Seriously. After this very romantic whipping ceremony, men would then pick a woman’s name out of a jar to determine who their lucky lady would be for the night. Now we can’t forget how we got the name Valentine, right?  This beloved name came from the execution of

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Net neutrality hangs in the balance

The internet we have all grown up with is now in danger by the people we elected to watch over it. And our generation — the millennial generation — needs to make its voice heard. We have known the internet our whole lives, and this vote to remove net neutrality will impact all of our lives for the worse if passed. The net neutrality legislation was enacted by former President Barack Obama in 2015. It prohibited a monopoly on internet service in order to allow what users are entitled to: the free flow of content. Journalism professor Teresa Puente, who has been following the net neutrality case,  warned that if these bylines are repealed, it could mean so much corporate manipulation that the internet becomes filtered based on preferences of CEOs. It can also mean the prevention of innovation; there may not be a new Snapchat or Twitter for who knows how long. “You can build something, but if people don’t have that information highway to see, it’s restricted information,” Puente said. A free and fast internet shouldn’t be barred by a paywall, and we need to stop being treated as consumers or numbers on a spreadsheet and start being

Cashing in on bad behavior

The internet is the birthplace for talentless, undeserving teenagers rising to celebrity-level fame. They — or their entourage of friends — record themselves performing pranks, overreactions or acts of “good deeds” with hopes of having Youtube and Instagram users on their side. One teenager in particular is no exception; from “Dr. Phil” to Atlantic Records, Danielle Bregoli, or Bhad Bhabie, has commercialized her troubled, teenage outbursts to a level that has allowed her immunity from societal reprimand. Her rap career is taking off on social media, leaving the question: what the hell do we consider worthy of fame? After yelling on an episode of “Dr. Phil,” “Cash me ousside, how ‘bou dah?” to the show host, she became an instant meme. After being sent to a treatment center for out-of-control teenagers — by the undoubtedly genius psychologist — she threw water at a cameraman, becoming an instantly-viewed YouTube hit. I haven’t watched “Dr. Phil” for years, but in that moment, it’s like they were both able to take advantage of each other’s fame, right? Dr. Phil chose to air this petulant child, and she rose the rating of the episode to the third best of the season. Her fiery red hair pops

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