VH1 thinks you ought to know and so do I

New to some U.S. listeners, London artist Adele brings a hypnotizing soul, pop and acoustic CD, called “19”, to our ears.

 Released with Sony BMG,”19″ is getting attention by all the right people. You might have heard her single Hometown Glory on Grey’s Anatomy or have seen her on VH1’s “You Oughta Know”.

 During my first listen to “19”, I felt like I was listening to one continuous song that had minor variations in the instruments. But on my second listen, I realized why VH1 was representing the original sound that brings a nostalgic feeling of the first time you heard a song by Etta James.

 Adele carries a strong voice over an acoustic background. This songstress sings about the topic of love in a non-cliché poetic manner. For example, in Melt My Heart to Stone, she sings  “Right under my feet is air made of bricks that pulls me down and turns me weak for you…”

 The 12-song album is a 45-minute journey on a road called love. With the first song “Daydreamer” we meet a dashing young man who is possibly one of the few gentlemen made. In “Right as Rain” we learn that she’s given up on love. The last song “Hometown Glory” leaves us with a love letter to Adele’s hometown that has a vivid description of London through her eyes.

 Before listening to her cd I hastily crowned her as the new Amy Winehouse. I now realize that was a horrid mistake. If you’re looking for slick melodic covers of Motown’s greatest hits, you’re definitely not going to find it here.

 “19” is very relaxing album. It’s something you would definitely hear in a coffee shop like Starbucks. If you’re for new music that has an eclectic feel, then “19” is right for you.

 My Favorite Song: “My Same” – It has a fun rhythm and catchy chorus. This song will definitely have you pressing repeat.

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