Screaming down the packed house

ANAHEIM – The Used’s CD-release concert of “Artwork” was a spectacular scream-fest for some of its biggest fans.

The first 400 people who ordered “Artwork” were able to attend an exclusive CD-release show at Chain Reaction on Monday. To let even more fans in the already-packed venue, the Utah band announced on its Twitter that the first 20 people to come to the club and say, “I’m with the band” would get in free.

In anticipation and excitement, some fans arrived as early as 5 a.m. to reserve the best spots in front of the stage. Chain Reaction opened its doors at 7 p.m. and although the actual concert didn’t start for two hours, the wait was still a thrilling experience.

The crowd immediately began pushing and shoving as the band opened with its newest single “Blood on My Hands.” Despite the song being fairly new, it didn’t stop fans from screaming the lyrics along with frontman Bert McCracken.

With no barricade between the band and audience, McCracken shared his microphone with the crowd and let them sing the lyrics as he took breaks to drink water then spit it on the audience, one of his signature stage moves.

The band performed a few songs from its new album that, surprisingly, fans already knew the lyrics to. McCracken looked astonished as fans sang along to the brand new tracks. The band also treated fans with some old favorites such as “The Taste of Ink” and “Buried Myself Alive.”

After ending the set, the band came out with an encore of one of its most popular old songs “On My Own.” The performance was a touching, emotional ballad with screeching vocals at the end from McCracken. To conclude the concert, the band played its loud and hard favorite “A Box Full of Sharp Objects,” which resulted in a mosh pit that reeked with the strong stench of body odor.

To end the night, The Used hosted a meet-and-greet and signed posters for the fans. The band also sold its new CDs at the concert. With amazing stage presence and a beautiful dedication and connection to fans, The Used is definitely worth seeing.


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