6 reasons to skip class at CSULB

  1. Anxiety

– Stress can lead to poor work performance. If life is feeling like it’s too much, and your next class feels like your next root canal: skip. Being anxious in class will distract you from lecture or discussion, and thinking about the rest of your schedule while trying to take notes can be nearly impossible. So shoot your professor an email, explain your schedule and the reason you are pulling your hair out. Chances are your professor will understand and give you a free pass. But don’t make it a habit. Take the time you’re not in class to get your life organized.

  1. Hunger

– Being hungry in class sucks. Eating in class can be embarrassing and awkward, especially when the food on your desk takes up all the space. So if you haven’t eaten in two days and you are working on your fifth cup of coffee, take an hour to get some food fuel before your next class. Email your fellow classmates on the Beachboard database to ask for notes. Don’t bother emailing your professor— chances are, they’ve already eaten and won’t take an empty belly as a valid excuse.

  1. You’re sick. [Like really sick]

– Sniffles? Dry cough? Go to class. But if your stomach feels like the Grand Canyon is caving into itself and your migraine is an actual jack hammer jamming deeper into your brain with every blink of your tired eyes: go home. Don’t come to class to get the rest of your classmates sick. Also, stepping outside of class every 10 minutes to relieve your bowels distracts the professor and your classmates. So, take a day. Email your professor before class to explain your symptoms [in brief] and get some sleep. Your puke bucket awaits.

  1. Work, work, work

– Students work. Before class, after class and in the middle of a school day, students will leave campus to schlep to their part-time job. Work and school puts tolls on the brain. Going from work to school, students are already tired form their workday. Paying attention in class takes energy. Whether you’ve been slinging burgers all day or sitting behind a desk, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in a desk and taking notes. So, if a workday kicked your butt, go home and rest. Next time, consider your work schedule before choosing your classes. Don’t schedule back-to-back classes if you’ll be working all day.

  1. Professor angst

– To succeed in teaching a class, the professor must be able to perform for a wide audience. If you do not gel with your professor, either drop your class or, if the deadline to drop a class without a W on your record passes, make a friend and get notes from them. If attendance is required, talk to the respective department chair and explain your concerns. Don’t skip recklessly. Professors are here to help you, so if their help is hindered by an accent, attitude or laziness, resolve the issue. Don’t hide in the library until your next class. Professors don’t bite.

  1. Sleep deprivation

– Don’t go to class if you’re just going to sleep like a wilting plant throughout the lecture or discussion. It’s not worth your time and money to go to a class half asleep. Drink some coffee, take a power nap before class or don’t go to class at all. Don’t waste your time and your professor’s time with your need to snooze.

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