Beach Weekly: Episode 6

Assistant News Editors Hannah Getahun and James Chow discuss this past week's notable news topics: LBSU mourns the death of two professors, the San Ysidro border closure and a flooded animation lab. 0:38 LBSU mourns the death of two professors 0:41 Math professor Kent Merryfield 1:20 Linguistics professor Alexandra "Misty" Jaffe 3:59 San Ysidro border closure 6:20 Flooded animation lab

Animators take on 24 Hours Animation competition

With drinking fountains turned off, sprinklers oscillating and escalator stagnant, the only sights or sounds that came from the Long Beach State campus at 2 a.m. on Friday were clicking keyboards and crunching candy wrappers from students in the 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students competition. The annual competition challenges students internationally to create a 30-second animation from scratch in 24 hours. The theme of this year’s event, “empathy,” was released to students around the world at 4 p.m., when the countdown began. “It takes the longest time, but [the animating] is the easiest part,” senior animation major Trilina Mai said. “The hardest part is developing and locking down your idea.” First created by the Director of School of Art Aubry Mintz, the 16th annual iteration of the event now involves 49 different campuses. The competition was open medium, meaning they can use any program they want, and competing teams of five used animation programs spanning from TV Paint to Adobe Animate. At least one team opted for experimental animation, and created a stop-motion film with felted puppets that took six hours to create. The third-floor classroom in the fine arts building was covered in textured ribbons, polyfill stuffing, fabric

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Students practice animation skills with 24 Hours Animation Competition for Students

A previous version of this article stated that the deadline for submissions was Monday, October 3. The correct date is Monday, Oct. 1.  Animation students around the world anxiously wait for Aubry Mintz, director of the School of Arts’ instructions for the 16th annual 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students and mentally prepare themselves for the stressful moments later on that night. Students are given the challenge to get into groups and create a 30-second short film within the time span of 24 hours, all within a given theme sent out by Mintz the night of the contest. Dating back to 2002, the competition first began at Laguna College of the Arts and Design, where Mintz was teaching at the time. Shortly after Mintz started at LBSU in 2007, he brought the competition with him. The event slowly began to flourish from that point on, bringing with it the attention of students interested in animation from various colleges and universities around the country. “In order to deal with animation, you have to be a hard worker. When I was working at Laguna Beach I had noticed the students weren’t working very hard,” Mintz said. “I had challenged them on a

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Pixar pays a visit

One animation writing class got a special treat this summer after computer animation company Pixar sent artists to their class to work with the students and help them develop their writing. Students learned how to come up with a story idea, do research for a story pitch, how to pitch their story to a board and how to create a storyboard. By the end of the summer, each student left with their own script for an animated short film, and a new sense of what it takes to become a Pixar animator. Head of Animation at Cal State Long Beach Aubry Mintz said that getting Pixar to recognize and work with CSULB has been a long-term goal of his. “I’ve been working here for 10 years and this has always been a goal of mine. I’d love Pixar to know what we’re doing in the walls of our school,” said Mintz. “Finally, we’re on their radar so it’s a great feeling.” This is the second time in a year that Pixar has came to CSULB to work with animation students. The company sent over animators in January to show a presentation to various animation classes. The presentation attracted such a

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