Beach Weekly S11E12: False campus police report, recent mass shootings nationwide & more

In season 11, episode 12 of Beach Weekly, host Lei Madrigal discusses a false campus police report, numerous shootings over Halloween weekend and more.

Chief of Police John Brockie sent an email to students last Wednesday revealing that the reported robbery involving a female victim and male suspect on campus did not occur. The University Police Department said the conclusion was made as a result of the investigation done by detectives. The assault and robbery were reported to have happened the night of Sunday, Oct. 29 in the R2 parking lot at 7:30 p.m. According to the UPD, no charges will be sought against the person who made the false police report.

As the winter sports season approaches, school officials are preparing for game relocations as roof leaks continue in the Walter Pyramid. In the past, leaks in the roof of the 30-year-old Walter Pyramid required that sporting events be relocated to the Gold Mine. A recent estimate for repairs to the Walter Pyramid said it would cost $55 million to fix, which is more than double the original building cost of $22 million.

A temporary lake in Death Valley has formed after Hurricane Hilary dumped more than two inches of rain on the desert in a 24-hour time frame. According to park officials, the lake is currently two miles wide, four miles long and only a few inches deep. As water evaporates, the lake is slowly disappearing and could be gone by mid-November.

Toyota announced last Wednesday, Nov. 1 that it is recalling nearly two million RAV4 SUV models from 2013 through 2018 for a potential fire hazard. It is reported that the car batteries can shift during forceful turns, which can lead to fires. The company says it is still preparing a solution to the problem, and RAV4 owners will be notified of a remedy by the end of December.

A mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine on Oct. 25 left at least 18 people dead and 13 injured. The shooting occurred at two locations: a bowling alley and a bar. The shooter, Robert Card, was found dead by law enforcement from a self-inflicted gunshot wound two days after authorities initiated a search for him. On Nov. 3, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden went to the scene of the deadly shooting to show support for the victims’ families.

Numerous mass shootings in America occurred over the Halloween weekend shortly after the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. The weekend’s mass shootings left at least 11 people dead and 76 injured.

President Biden sent Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel for the fourth time last Friday, Nov. 3 to urge the country to mitigate civilian deaths during war in the Israel and Palestine territories. The U.S. has not called for a ceasefire but has called for a temporary “humanitarian pause” to allow more aid to enter Gaza and for hostages to be released. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the “humanitarian pause,” saying Israel’s military forces will not stop until Hamas is defeated.

Host: Lei Madrigal
Editor: Julia Goldman
Producers: El Nicklin, Aidan Swanepoel
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