American Indian Pow Wow draws a crowd at CSULB

The central quad, usually occupied with napping students and darting squirrels, became a flurry of colorful cultural revelry this weekend during the 48th annual American Indian Pow Wow. The melodic chants and the tinkling of bells drew hundreds of community members onto Cal State Long Beach grounds. Attendees traveled from all over the state, bringing colorful shawls, headdresses and jewelry to demonstrate traditional dance and catch up since last year’s event. The Cal State Long Beach campus is built on American Indian land, specifically that of the Tongva tribe, which created a sense of homage for those who call the campus home. “It’s important to remember what the land is and where we stand,” said Victoria Aguilera, alumnus and member of the Tongva tribe. “You should always come back to where you started.”

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Subtract on the Pier brings house music to Belmont Shore

Modern-day flappers wearing yoga pants and feathers jived alongside their neon-laced male counterparts on the dance floor; but just as important as the thudding house music was the sense of an underground community. Pulsing bass and soothing, ambient melodies shook the end of Belmont Pier on Sunday with the second Subtract on the Pier, a live DJ event. Its lineup featured fairly new and emerging Los Angeles-based, deep-tech DJ’s such as Brandon Ernst and Anton Tumas as well as a yoga session from Galactivation Yoga before the show. The elements of both the live deep-tech house music and experimental yoga played strongly into the scene’s vibrant burner culture, which is based strongly around the ideas and movement behind the famous Burning Man event. “It’s very underground, spiritual music,” Sean Micheals, an attendee from Cypress, said. “A lot of people come here and they dress how they want and they act how they want; you know, there’s freedom of religion.” Subtract on the Pier is relatively new to the music circuit in comparison to more renowned events such as the award-winning Desert Rose Music Festival and Burning Man, which has brought a one week-long temporary metropolis to Black Rock City since

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