LBSU provides signs in the dining halls for proper recycling

The residential dining halls, along with other places on campus, have implemented new signs above waste bins to reflect waste changes.   The waste bin installations are all part of “Waste Not,” LBSU’s campaign to go waste free by 2030. According to Campus Planning and Sustainability, 14 buildings on campus have Waste Not bins and signage to direct students and faculty to throw compost away properly. In the dining halls, signage now asks students to place their soiled paper waste in the trash. Before, the signs directed students to put paper napkins with the compost, despite the fact the school no longer composts paper waste. The goal is to keep food waste out of trash receptacles and help with sorting.   “This is our first semester separating food only,” said Manuel Gil, manager of Hillside. “There is more waste now versus last semester, but now it is going to the right place. For sure students are now paying attention to what’s going into the garbage.” Bins have also been placed in the courtyard and inside the new Student Success Center along with the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center. Installing signage and bins that are easy for young kids to use,

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Armed suspects rob 7-Eleven and flee onto LBSU campus

The Parkside College Dorm was placed on lockdown around 4 a.m. Saturday after two armed adult males dressed in black and wearing ski masks were spotted by a University Police officer on the Parkside property near Earl Warren Drive. The two men, armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a knife, and a female getaway driver crashed near the dorms after robbing the 7-Eleven on Palos Verdes and Atherton at 2:22 a.m. Officers pursued the men onto campus until they slammed their car into a newsstand. The suspects ran on foot onto the Parkside dorm property. “Woke up to one of the worst emails possible,” a Long Beach State Student tweeted at 4:45 a.m. “Really hoping everyone at Parkside is fine and those two guys leave ASAP.” Both a campus-wide email and a tweet from UPD notified residents in Parkside to remain inside in a “shelter-in-place,” until officers confirmed that the suspects were no longer on campus. According to Capt. Richard Goodwin of UPD, there would be increased law enforcement throughout the day until they finished their investigation. Officers searched the Parkside buildings. “As time would allow it, one of our officers just happened to be at 7-Eleven,” Goodwin said.

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Students complain about broken down dryer machines

Students living on campus in dorms such as Parkside or Hillside aren’t afraid to air out their dirty laundry as they express concerns about faulty washing machines and dryers. Many dorming students reported laundry machines breaking down often enough to inconvenience every residential hall, without any notice or warnings being posted on the appliances. “One of the dryer machines at the Beachside dorms burnt my friend’s clothes pretty bad,” said second year transfer student and business major, Jose Francisco. “The staff told her it was possible the dryers were failed to be properly checked by maintenance before the beginning of the school year.” Other issues students face are the disproportionate temperatures of air conditioning and showers. “It takes forever for the showers to warm up,” said second year transfer student and political science major Ayari Martinez. “It’s frustrating because nothing is properly maintained and you’re spending so much to live in these dorms.” Students like Martinez are frustrated with the broken amenities within dorms, especially when factoring in the amount they pay to live in campus housing. Dorm rooms at the off-campus residential can often be uncomfortable during cold-weather season. Now that the temperature outside is decreasing, Beachside dorms are

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Residents get the truth about dorm life

Late nights, loud roommates and questionable sounds coming from a neighbor’s dorm room. For some new students, the transition into residential life is full of unforeseen experiences, while for others, it is everything they expected. Cal State Long Beach dormitories Hillside and Parkside house most of those who use campus housing, but Beachside offers an off campus dorming experience to students. Lupita Gallegos felt like her transition into dorm life in the Hillside suites at CSULB went as smoothly as possible, but it was not until she saw the tears stream down her mother’s face that she realized she would be saying goodbye to her best friend for the first time. “That’s when it finally hit me that I was leaving,” Gallegos, a freshman studying criminal justice said. “My roommate and her mom were very welcoming to me though. So, it made me feel at ease, because I know if I’m ever unable to reach my mom, my roommate’s mom will be able to help me.” Several new students felt like one of the biggest changes they had to get used to was the sudden amount of freedom that comes with moving away from home. However, that also brought on

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